Design Templates
How to customize design templates for my use case
How to customize design templates for my use case

How to customize design templates for my use case

Currently, you can choose between two categories: Creative and Productivity. You can adjust both to your particular use case.


  • Fashion Photo Creator - if you’re in the fashion industry, you know how time-consuming photo sessions can be. With this template, you can easily upload a photo of your favorite outfit and add a custom background. If you have more photos to process, check this article.

  • Birthday Card Maker - you can use this template to make a birthday card very special, and what’s most important, you can customize it for your loved one. Just upload his/her picture, write the wishes and select a background.

  • Recipe Photo Designer - something for influencers or professional chefs: take a picture of your dish, select a new plate and a custom background, and voila!

  • Party Pic Maker - a little party never killed anybody, but until the pandemic is under control we (and the WHO) advise to stay at home. If you miss party times use the Party Pic Maker to make epic photos and share them with everybody!

  • For the most special holidays, you can create beautiful cards with the Christmas Card Maker and the Easter Greeting Card!


  • Product Photo Optimizer - a great option for all on-line sellers. With the Product Photo Optimizer, you can add a shadow, replace the background and upload the photo to your webshop.

  • Car Photo Optimizer - this template has been used more than 10,000 times - it’s an amazing feature for all car dealers which enables you to replace the background of the image and add your dealership logo in no-time. We also have a special version just for BMW&MINI - check it out here.

  • Real Estate Sky Replacer - it’s been proven that blue skies in real estate photos can improve sales, and this is exactly what you can do with this template. Just upload the image and change the rainy clouds to a beautiful sky.

  • Change Image Background - just replace the background of the image with a better one! You can choose your own background or add one of ours.

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