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Aug 30, 2019

Custom Greeting Cards made simple

Want to make someone’s birthday, holiday or other celebration special? Let be your free, awesome online greetings card-maker. Create unique designs that family and friends will love with your laptop or phone - you won’t even need to buy them a gift!

Here are five creative card ideas to get you started:

1) A simple, stylish wedding anniversary card

It couldn’t be easier to make your parents’ big day one to remember. Just head over to and upload the photo of the happy couple. You can remove the background in 5 seconds with one click, then fine-tune the cutout portrait by clicking Edit.

Next, replace the background with one from our site. There are 30 to choose from, including beautiful countryside, moody urban scenes – even the beach! Once you are happy with how it looks, download your image. You’ll want to use a text editor such as befunky so you can wish them many more happy years.

That’s it. Just print, post and send!

2) Your child with Santa Claus

What about granting your child’s wish to meet Santa? You’ll find lots of images of the jolly fellow on sites like Flickr. After you have created a cutout of your child with, search the image site and pick something you like (bearing in mind that some images are copyright-protected).

Maybe you’ll go for Father Christmas at the North Pole. Or, take a picture of your child sitting and put him on his knee. Whatever, make sure there are lots of gifts in the photo!

Google Slides is a great place to create cards, making sure Santa and your child are arranged in the right order. Other good backgrounds for kids include Disneyworld, the fairground or even a favorite video game.

3) Friend on the Moon

Why not put someone you love into the galaxy? At Unsplash, you’ll find this picture of Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon along with loads of other great free-to-use stuff. You’ll want to cut out the astronaut as well as your friend so you can stack the images properly. An image editor such as Canva will do the trick.

As for text, try: “I hope your Bat mitzvah is out of this world!”

If your friend has a great passion, add them to their favorite band, sports teams – or even drop them in a work of art.

4) Make them part of history!

If you have Photoshop, you can go the extra mile with a black and white effect. Firstly, download the Photoshop Plugin, following the installation instructions. Photo sites tend to have loads of monochrome images in the public domain. This one of apparently daring 1920’s flappers over at is fun.

A quick tip: after you have made the cutout black and white, you can adjust the tint and the contrast so they blend in perfectly. Now you can add the wish that their birthday “goes down in history!”

Plenty of historical events might have benefited from your friend being there. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? The first flight of Charles Lindberg? The recent World Cup Final? It’s up to you.

After you have given your friend or family member their card, why not post them on social media with hashtag #removebg. We will retweet the best designs. is free for personal use and small resolutions. If you’re a pro, we have premium plans available to speed up your workflow.

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