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How to use the AI Shadow feature with the Desktop App?
How to use the AI Shadow feature with the Desktop App?

How to use the AI Shadow feature with the Desktop App?

Introducing Our Latest Addition: Elevate Your Images with Customizable Shadows

Discover Our Shadow Selection: Supported Shadow Types

Explore's trio of shadow options tailored for different foregrounds. Car Shadows, 3D Shadows, and Drop Shadows cater to diverse scenarios. You can also toggle shadow creation off or select Auto Detect to let the AI choose the perfect shadow for your image.

Let's shed some light on's three distinct shadow types:

  1. Car Shadows: Engineered with precision for foreground objects resembling cars, these shadows seamlessly complement the shape and size of automotive elements, delivering a realistic shadow effect.

  2. 3D Shadows: Mirroring the natural direction of light on your foreground image, these shadows add depth and realism by following the contours and features of the object. The 3D Shadow type is curated mostly for product photography of items with complex shapes or textures that benefit from enhanced depth perception. The 3D shadow can also be applied to images that feature people, animals, or graphics.

  3. Drop Shadows: Drop shadows create the illusion of depth by simulating the effect of a light source casting a shadow behind the foreground object. It provides a visual separation between the foreground object and the background, making it stand out more prominently. This is particularly useful when the object needs to be clearly distinguished from its surroundings, such as in product photography, portrait shots, images of animals, and graphics.

Tailored Flexibility at Your Fingertips

  • Turn On or Off the AI Shadow feature: If you prefer no shadow effect, you can easily keep the toggle off, as it is set by default to maintain the original appearance of your image.

  • Auto Detect: Let's intelligent system analyze the characteristics of your image and automatically apply the most suitable shadow type when you choose the Add Shadow option, ensuring optimal visual enhancement with minimal effort on your part.

Ready to embark on your journey to stunning visuals?

How to use the AI Shadow feature with the Desktop App?

Welcome to the new shadow feature in our Desktop App! Now, you can take your image editing to the next level by adding customizable shadows tailored to your image's subject.

About the Beta Version

We're thrilled to introduce our new shadow feature, which is currently in beta! Beta versions are pre-release software that are still being tested and refined.

How to Provide Feedback

We value your feedback immensely. Please reach out if you have suggestions, encounter issues, or wish to share your experience with our beta shadow feature. Feel free to send feedback via our contact form. We appreciate your input and eagerly await your message!

Accessing the Shadow settings

Open your Desktop App and navigate to the Transparent Background or Colored Background tab.

Adding Shadows

  1. Choose Shadow Type: Under the “Shadow” option, you'll find a dropdown menu where you can select the type of shadow (e.g., off, auto-detect, car, drop shadow, 3D).

    Let's take a closer look:

  2. Adjust Opacity: Use the dropdown menu next to the type of shadow to select its opacity level or type in the desired percentage.

  3. Apply Shadow with Background Removal: Click on "Start" to apply the selected shadow type and opacity to your image with a transparent background.

That's It!

And there you have it! With just a few simple steps, you can now effortlessly apply shadows to your images with this new feature. Say goodbye to flat, lifeless images and hello to depth and dimensionality.

Take a look at our video guide here:

Your Feedback Matters

We're always striving to improve our tools to serve your needs better. If you have any ideas for enhancements, general comments, or questions about the new shadow feature, contact us via our contact form.

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