Tips & Ideas

Custom Greeting Cards made simple

Aug 30, 2019

Want to make someone’s birthday, holiday or other celebration special? Create unique designs that family and friends will love - you won’t even need to buy them a gift!


Add Shadows to Car Photos

Aug 07, 2019

With our new shadow feature you can now let Artificial Intelligence generate a realistic shadow for your foreground.


New Editor Design

Aug 01, 2019

Editing images just got simpler: With the new design update of the editor, editing images is easier than ever before.


Cats, Animals and more

Jun 19, 2019

Remove the background from cats, animals and any other photo with a somewhat clear distinction between foreground and background.


Car Background Removal

May 13, 2019

Take your car anywhere, without even starting the engine: As of today, removes the background from car photos!


The Epoch of the Green Screen

Apr 15, 2019

Chroma Keying, the technique of removing the background from an image or video based on color hues, has been a tool in the repertoire of professional film makers and photographers for decades. But will that always be the case?


Invite Friends & Earn Credits

Apr 05, 2019

Friends don't let friends remove backgrounds by hand: Starting today, there is one more reason to spread the word about – free credits!


Subscription Flexibility

Mar 11, 2019

Starting today, all subscription plans include roll over of unused credits. You can now keep your leftover credits and just use them next month.


Editor Improvements

Mar 01, 2019

We have added new features to the image editor, making it easier than ever to create stunning images once the original photo background has been removed.


API Improvements

Feb 12, 2019

Read about the 2 new features and 2 improvements for the API, including support for 4K images and the X-Credits-Charged header.


Add new backgrounds

Feb 12, 2019

After removing the original background you can now easily add a new one with just a few clicks.


4K Ultra HD Support

Feb 12, 2019

With 4K Images you now get background-free images with up to 4000×2500 pixels, or any other aspect ratio with up to 10 megapixels.


Background Removal API

Jan 31, 2019

You can now integrate's background removal into your website, app or workflow. It's a simple HTTP-based API with various options...


High Resolution Images

Jan 31, 2019

We now support images with up to 4 megapixels. That's 2500 × 1600 pixels – or any other aspect ratio your images have.

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