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Sep 07, 2021

How to Remove White Background From Image Online

Shooting your images with a white background not only gives you a clean look and feel but also leaves a lot of space for experimenting when it comes to editing. Changing the background’s color or switching it out for a new one is a lot more simple.

This article will walk you through why and how to shoot white background images and remove them in a few seconds using

Why and how to shoot white background images

White backgrounds are great, especially for product images and marketing assets – why? Because they save you a ton of time and money spent on creating campaign images.

Let’s say you’re launching four campaigns a year: a Valentine’s Day campaign, a summer campaign, a Black Friday campaign, and a festive season campaign. Although you will be keeping things consistent on some level, all of these seasoned campaign designs will likely have different color pallets to cater to. By batch shooting white background images and editing the images in the aftermath, you have the flexibility to use any of the assets no matter the season and even reuse them for different campaigns.

Another great thing about white image backgrounds is the modern aesthetic and clean look — we’ve all learned to embrace a bit of minimalism in the past years. Creating white image backgrounds gives your photos a clean aesthetic while producing incredibly versatile images you can use over and over again.

Overall, here’s why you should definitely be shooting with a white background: 

  • Clean aesthetic look
  • Versatile images you can edit and reuse over and over again
  • Perfect for batch shooting and keeping your options open — no matter what campaign you have coming up

How to shoot white image backgrounds

Now that we’ve set the record straight that shooting your image backgrounds in white is the shizzle. Let’s walk you through how to do it.

  1. Get the physical background & lighting right
  2. You can do a lot of playing around with physical white canvases and external lighting boxes etc., but to be honest — that sounds like a lot of hassle. If your product is not that big, we definitely recommend going with a light box like this one. The light box will light up your entire product from every side; make sure you don’t have any shadows and get you set up in no time at quite a low budget.

  3. Setup tripod
  4. To get a steady and clear image, you’ll want to prop your phone or DSLR camera on a tripod. You can set the camera to a two-three second timer or use a remote shutter release.

  5. Take test shots
  6. Once you have your light box at the ready, grab your phone or DSLR camera and start testing your shots. Watch out for overexposure; if the light box or your camera’s setting is letting the image become overexposed, you’ll notice that the outline of the product isn’t perfect, and the light starts leaking into the product along the edges.

    That’s it; now you’re ready to shoot your white background images and put them into action.

Remove white background from image online (step-by-step)

Now let’s talk about how you can remove the white background in just a couple of seconds, so you can pop the image into other graphics, change the background, and more.

  1. Hop on over to
  2. Upload your image by dragging and dropping it onto Upload image within seconds, your white background will be removed — and the best part, it’s completely free!
  3. remove white background
  4. Now go ahead and hit Download.

Remove white background from PNG

You can use and follow the steps above to remove the white background from any PNG or JPG file up to 12 megabytes.

For more info about what image formats, works best with go ahead and check out this article. 

Change white background to a different color

You can also use to change the white background to a completely different color in just a few clicks, just like we did below …

  1. Go ahead and hit Edit.
  2. remove white background
  3. Background will automatically be selected; here, you can choose from the range of photos already in the tool or even upload your own image background. We decided to pop our plant onto a table — neat, right?
  4. add new background
  5. To change the background color of your image, select the Color toggle. Now choose either a color from the preselected colors or go ahead and select the color grid in the top left-hand corner — now a window will pop up where you can add any HEX color under the sun. So, if you have brand colors, this is where you can put them to use.
Choose a background color

That’s a wrap on how to remove white image backgrounds online. Why not hop on over to right away and give it a try?

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Nick November 29, 2022
useful, thanks!
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