Product Updates

Feb 12, 2019

Add new backgrounds

After removing the original background you can now easily add a new one with just a few clicks.

Now you might think in comparison to removing a background, adding a new one has always been the easy part. But sometimes you don’t have your favorite image editing software ready or just need this one particular meme and you need it quick. Image editor to the rescue!

PS: For particularly challenging images you can also fine-tune the background removal with the eraser tool. Got ideas for other features? Let us know!

Update April 2020 – Try our new Image Background Replacer:

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Khalek June 21, 2022
Joe mama June 17, 2022
I hate this system it never remove's the image how I want it to and it is very simple
Abhi June 17, 2022
no it is not it is a very nice system
Munna June 17, 2022
yeah it is very helpful
Idk June 17, 2022
yeah it helps me with removing all my things
JANEOFC August 06, 2022
No! It really helps! probably u are going to original, so that is why u are unable to view the removed background!
Munna June 01, 2022
Abhi May 30, 2022
Abdul Razak May 25, 2022
Umer s. May 07, 2022
Huma Noor e Ali April 14, 2022
Very nice and quick changer so easy to use
Md.Aariyansh March 14, 2022
It's very helpful
Muminur March 07, 2022
Very helpful system
Thanks who create this system 😊
Sweet biswas March 01, 2022
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