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Feb 12, 2019

Add new backgrounds

After removing the original background you can now easily add a new one with just a few clicks.

Now you might think in comparison to removing a background, adding a new one has always been the easy part. But sometimes you don’t have your favorite image editing software ready or just need this one particular meme and you need it quick. Image editor to the rescue!

PS: For particularly challenging images you can also fine-tune the background removal with the eraser tool. Got ideas for other features? Let us know!

Update April 2020 – Try our new Image Background Replacer:

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Idk February 22, 2022
clipping path center February 17, 2022
Nowadays people are more reliant on this type of job especially the youngsters.
Muhammad Yousaf January 22, 2022
Sir how i will add new back ground and the back ground i want to set other picture on back ground
Veda January 21, 2022
Amazing!!! I rate it 10 stars!
Vin January 20, 2022
Meghraj January 15, 2022
Nice 👍👍👍
NuR nice December 17, 2021
Ahil December 04, 2021
Shakib November 24, 2021
Rahulsai November 06, 2021
Awesome 👌👌

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