Product Updates

Feb 12, 2019

Add new backgrounds

After removing the original background you can now easily add a new one with just a few clicks.

Now you might think in comparison to removing a background, adding a new one has always been the easy part. But sometimes you don’t have your favorite image editing software ready or just need this one particular meme and you need it quick. Image editor to the rescue!

PS: For particularly challenging images you can also fine-tune the background removal with the eraser tool. Got ideas for other features? Let us know!

Update April 2020 – Try our new Image Background Replacer:

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arfath ayp March 20, 2023
Wow nice
Ritu chec February 14, 2023
Murthy mvsn February 12, 2023
peter f baumeister January 23, 2023
thank you for you re app
Anita January 23, 2023
Very nice and helpful
Naveen January 04, 2023
M.ali November 29, 2022
It's very good
Dollar December 28, 2022
Please upload some birthday decoration background
NAROTTAMA PATRA November 01, 2022
Start the New Year with God
Continue the New year with God
End the New Year with God
That is the way to God.
NAROTTAMA PATRA November 01, 2022
Never criticize anybody because
criticism is the tantamount to blasphemy.
Dikshant bisht October 24, 2022
If we could adjust our background position also then it would be awesome..
~•RiaxRianna•~ October 01, 2022
This is so cool i love it bc it just added me a different background ty for making this
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