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Oct 07, 2019

Create great pictures faster with our photo-editing tips and tricks

Editing photos can be a long, slow process. Our 6 tips make it easier to wow your friends, family and social media fans with your images.

1) Good File Management

To make things easier, use good file-management; work out in advance what to do with photos when you take them off your phone or camera.

Keep all your photos in the same folder on your computer. It’s best to create subfolders named for the year, then the place or event. You might even want separate subfolders with RAW processed pictures in and then a “to be published” one within that.

If you upload your photos to Google Drive, you can label pets, people and things that the software recognises and easily find them again.

2) Select Photos at Speed

Instead of examining every photo in detail, why not do it in several quick passes, starting by deleting the less than great photos before you move them onto your computer.

Once you have got a selection of potential images, you can use Adobe Lightroom to make the next selection. Simply uncheck the photos that don’t look right.

If you are using more traditional photo-editing software, move selected photos into another subfolder. If you still have too many, pick out all the images you have a burning desire to work on NOW. The rest can wait.

3) Automate repetitive tasks

Photo-editing automation could fill a book in itself! There’s the auto-advance feature in Lightroom which brings up the next image when you carry out a command – for example, pressing P to flag an image for keeps or U to unflag it.

Photolemur attempts to give you the image (or images) you want in one click based on type. Or you can download more sophisticated actions and presets, such as “editorial” and “night sky”.

If you know how to write scripts, you can use tools like ImageMagick to automate editing of whole batches of images. For instance, you could resize, auto-adjust colors or add frames to all your images with one click.

4) Use AI to quickly remove backgrounds

When you can extract objects, people or pets from your photos, you can create near-perfect images. is all you need to cut down on the time-consuming task of removing backgrounds from photos of objects, pets or people.

If you are using a workflow, consider “ for desktop” – particularly when you’re editing numerous images – and the Photoshop Plugin for faster cutouts.

5) Use software to boost image resolution

If you want to make a poor-quality image suitable for publication or printing, you’ll need to increase the resolution. You could manually resharpen it, but that’s seriously time-consuming.

Luckily, AI-powered solutions like Letsenhance give you the power to make your picture exactly four times bigger, remove any compression and bring out details – all at the click of a button!

6) Take better pictures in the first place

The better you know your craft as a photographer, the fewer errors you’ll need to fix in production.

Properly composing your photos by focusing on the edges of the frame means you won’t always have to crop.

Switching to manual settings and exploring the relationship between aperture, speed and ISO will save hours in adjusting contrast, brightness and sharpness. Your phone and camera have an array of white balance options to cut down on editing, as well.

If you are really proud of your photo and would like to print it out to keep it as a tangible memory, we recommend using a software, which allows you to optimize your photos for printing.

Try some of these tips next time you are working on your photos and let us know how you get on. If you have any others you find useful, why not let us know by using #removebg. Our software helps save designers and photographers hours and hours of editing!

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