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Aug 20, 2021

How to Remove Backgrounds from Images on iPhone:

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Tips & Ideas

Aug 20, 2021

How to Remove Backgrounds from Images on iPhone:

Want to remove the background of an image on your phone in seconds? We’ve got you. With, you can remove your image background and even change it to a new one — let us show you how.

Removing image or photo backgrounds on your iPhone can open up so many opportunities: whether you want to shoot product photos and sync all of their backgrounds or add a photo to a fun birthday collage without the messy background. 

We went ahead and put together a step-by-step guide on how to remove the background of an image and even showed you a real-life example of how you can remove and change the background of an image. If you are an Android user, you can directly check out our app to remove background from photo.

How to remove image backgrounds on iPhone

1. Open up on Safari

Go ahead and go to in your Safari Browser and click on Upload Image.

2. Upload your photo 

You will now have the option to either take an image or upload one from your library. We went ahead and chose this image of a woman on a bike with a church and gardens in the background. Our goal is to remove the background and switch it up to something a bit more exotic in a second step.

There’s no need to overly prepare for this step — just give it a try with any photo from your library and play around with to see how it works. It only takes the AI algorithm a couple of seconds to remove the background of your photo, and it’s completely free.

3. Download the image 

Once you’ve selected an image, will do the heavy lifting and instantly remove your image background. You’ll end up with a screen like this, where you can now download the new image without the background. 

In our example, you can see that the entire background of the church and gardens has been removed, and the only thing remaining is the woman with her bike. Once you download the image, the checkered space will be transparent, which means we could now place the woman on top of any other image background or graphic design to create an entirely new image and effect — pretty neat, right?

Once you hit ‘Download,’ Safari will ask you whether you really want to download the png. (this is just a security feature in Safari to ensure you don’t accidentally download something you didn’t mean to). So go ahead and press ‘Download’ again.

4. Save image to your photos

Your image will now appear in your downloads on your phone and/or as a pop-up in your Safari browser like below. So go ahead and click on the image.

It will open up in a separate window, then click the icon in the bottom left-hand corner and ‘Save image.’ Now the image without the background will be saved in your photos. 

Go ahead and open up your photos app, et voila! Your image without the background.

Once you’re done removing the background of your image, you can use it any way you like. We love replacing the background with fun graphics and colors to create digital birthday cards Canva.

Change image background using

With, not only can you remove the background of your image on your iPhone, but you can also change it to something completely different in just one click. 

To do so simply: 

  1. Select Edit.
Edit photo

2. Then go ahead and select a background of your liking (we went for an exotic desert road).

Select a background

3. Now Download the image again and save it to your photos like above.

Download image

4. Save your image to photos by clicking on the icon in the bottom left-hand corner and selecting Save Image.

Click icon in the bottom left-hand corner
Save image

5. That’s it! Now you have a brand-new image background on your iPhone.

How to create an image background removal shortcut on iPhone

If you’re planning on removing image backgrounds on your iPhone more often, it’s a good idea to save as a bookmark. That way, you’ll have access to the tool in even fewer clicks — at any time, anywhere. 

Go ahead and open up in Safari, then press down on the Book symbol on the bottom toolbar for 3 seconds (not just once) and select Add Bookmark.

Now, if you tap on the Bookmark symbol (it looks like a book) and go to Favorites, you will see saved for you to quickly access whenever you need to remove or change an image background again. 

Why not try it out right away? Grab your iPhone and head on over to and start removing and switching up your image backgrounds today!

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