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Jun 10, 2019

Remove more backgrounds for less credits (Save 62%) is the simplest way to remove backgrounds from images. Yet wrapping your head around the premium quality pricing was often everything but simple: What resolutions do I need, how many credits is each image, how many credits are that in total? Today, we're changing that!

From now on, removing the background from a high quality image requires 1 credit, no matter what size the image is (Medium, HD or 4K). Small images via the API are now ¼ credit each.

That means high quality images are up to 62.5% cheaper than before!

Changes in detail

We are implementing this by two independent changes:

1. Value-neutral credit deflation: We divide all credit charges and balances by three. That means, if you previously spent 3 credits for an image you now spend 1 credit for the same image – but if you previously received 750 credits per month, you now receive 250 credits. So there is no actual price change, only a division by 3 for both credit balances and credit prices.

2. Credit price reduction: We reduce the price of 4K images and HD images to 1 credit (that’s a minus of 40 – 62.5%), and we reduce the price of Small images to 0.25 credits (minus 25%). 

Overview of both changes:

Example of what you can do with 750 (now 250) credits:

Other changes

There are also a few more changes to wrap things up:

  • Existing plans have been renamed and rounded. For instance, the „Personal 125“ plan is now called „Personal 42“ to reflect the value-neutral change in credits.
  • We have introduced new plans and pay-as-you-go packages. As an existing customer, you can stay on your current plan if you like, or switch to the new plans – whichever you prefer.
  • Referral program: When you refer friends to both they and you get 1 extra credit each when they sign up.

We believe today’s update makes both picking a plan and tracking usage a lot easier – and cheaper. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are more than happy to help!

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