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Mar 26, 2019

Product Image Cutouts now available

Up until now worked for photos of persons only. Not anymore! Starting today, you can remove backgrounds from product photos 100% automatically and in less than 5 seconds.

Whether you need high quality photos for an online store, eCommerce marketplace or online auction: Plain backgrounds lay the focus on the product itself, remove distractions and make for consistent product catalogs. And never has it been easier to get them. Have a look:

As with persons, after the background has been removed you can fine-tune the result, add a new background or just download the transparent image as-is. For best results, check out our tips for your next photo shooting.

The API has been extended for product images as well, enabling integrations with eCommerce or any other system you already use every day.

We look forward to your feedback!
Shoot us an email or upload any failed images here.

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