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Sep 15, 2020

Get More Likes and Followers on Instagram with These 10 Free Tools

Any Instagram star will tell you it's the quality of the content that matters most when you are hoping to maximize likes and increase followers on the ever-popular social media site. The popularity of Instagram continues to grow and interaction with fans is more important than ever.

In the last months it was hard to keep creative content flowing and add organic Instagram followers. We want to offer you the best tools to freshen up content that might be a little more … day-to-day than your usual glamorous life.

Our editorial collection of 10 free apps is bound to give your creativity – and likes and followers – a boost. From essential editing, to ethereal light effects via Japanese journal style, you will find something for everyone.

We’ve even included two turbocharged pieces of software for Instagram’s Stories and IGTV channels.

Snapseed, our go-to photo editor (Android) (iOS)

editing photos in snapseed

Before getting creative with your image posts, you need to make sure your photos are the best that they can be – and the best of the best is surely Google’s Snapseed. It has everything you need to bring out details and fix blemishes. Selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness and warmth with the brush. Also includes professional effects such as HDR and selective tonal contrast in shadows, mid-tones and highlights. Your fans will be nodding with approval.

Make an awesome comic from your video with Storyboard (Android)

video edited with storyboard

An experimental app, Storyboard gives you the option of instantly transforming your videos into a comicbook style. You don’t get the option to choose the exact frames, but you can refresh and reload until you get a result that you like. The app is powered by Google’s cutting edge artificial intelligence technology.

Unfold for stylish centre-spread Instagrammers (Android) (iOS)

editing images with unfold

If you want to make your photos look like they come from the pages of a magazine – and who doesn’t? – Unfold is the app for you. Get the professional look with more than 150 templates and experiment with fonts. Or go crafty with a ripped, journal style. Background colors, textures and stickers are bound to increase interaction – and boost followers. Also works with video stories.

Boost your beauty for more likes with Ulike (Android) (iOS)

photo editing demonstration with Ulike

You don’t have to buy fake followers to get likes and fans for your selfies – a bit of digital magic will do the trick. Even if you don’t have Photoshop, Ulike allows you to Touch-up your eyes, nose and mouth right after taking your pic. So you don’t have to do it all over again – or risk looking like two different people on your feed – save the best edits. And a professional pose guide will show you the dopest way to carry four shopping bags.

Create cute Japanese collages and gain more followers with Nichi (Android) (iOS)

Nichi app display

„Nichi roku“ means „journal“ and this app helps users treasure the detail and emotion of daily life – while increasing your following. Cute and handmade-style design is the way it does it with super-cute text,free stickers, frames, templates, tape and brush features. You can also simulate lots of different papers for your background in all sorts of colors. They won’t be able to resist giving you a like.

Save and Repost for Instagram (Android)

Save and repost app
Save and Repost

One of the best ways to grow followers and gain more likes is to support other Instagrammers. Save and Repost lets you download photos and videos with one click and then you can put them on your feed, cropping and editing as you please. Credit the originator and you might win a new fan. Bonus: Save and Repost also organises your posted photos in chronological order to make them easy to find. background removal for creative content (Android)

adding new backgrounds with

When it’s time to get really creative, you want on your homescreen. The clever, AI-driven software removes backgrounds from all sorts of people and objects in five seconds – and no clicks. Let the fun begin. Using any photo editor, you can put your cat on the surface of Saturn, go black and white and invade the pitch of a classic football game, climb Mount Everest – even photobomb your parents wedding! is great for lockdown allowing you to „visit“ friends and family wherever they are.

Afterlight: next-level Instagram filters (Android) (iOS)

afterlight photo editing with filters

Afterlight is the go-to place if you’re looking for more color casts, fades and accents for your images than Instagram provides. You can keep your beautiful content fresh with 59 filters and 66 textures such as real and natural light leaks made with 35mm and instant film or simple scratchy film textures. If that’s not enough, treat your visitors to 77 different adjustable frames. They will count themselves lucky.

InShot for Better Stories and happier followers (Android) (iOS)

InShot for instagram stories

More and more of us are recording our lives in Instagram Stories. But the competition is growing and we need to up our game. InShot is one of the best free video editors (it’s hard to find a good one!) so you can edit videos for more polish. Not only that, InShot gives you a variety of filters, stickers and texts to video and even a variety of background music, transitions and sound effects. Stop that scroll-past!

Prequel for live editing in IGTV (Android) (iOS)

Prequel for live video filters in IGTV

If you are going for longer video cuts but want to boost creativity as you record, try Prequel for amazing live video filters in IGTV. You can add intros and outros, change the speed, add sound-effects and even smooth skin and whiten your teeth as you go.

Do you like our list or miss your favourite app? Share your feedback and ideas via email or on Twitter and Facebook!

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