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Dec 22, 2022

Easy Tips on Creating an Online New Year’s Vision Board

With New Year almost here, you might be wondering where you’ll be in 2023. Well, here’s a great way to turn your dreams into concrete goals: a vision board. And the good news is — you can whip it up online in minutes. 

You can start 2023 strong by clearly visualizing your goals and reminding yourself of them every day. And with online tools like Designify and Canva, you can create a personalized New Year’s vision board online. So whether you want to print it or use it as a screensaver or a device background, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. 

In this post, we’re covering a few ways you can do this using photos and visuals for your New Year’s vision board. Let’s dive right in. 

Tips on what images to use for your New Year’s vision board

Close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself at the end of 2023. What image comes to mind? Are you traveling, meeting new people, or learning something new? 

Using visuals is a great way to stay encouraged to work towards your goals. When you use, for example, photos for your vision board, it helps you better understand what achieving your goal might look like in real life. And when you can imagine yourself actually reaching them, it can keep you motivated.

Here are some examples of images you could use: 

  • Stock photos from Pexels or Unsplash — maybe someone climbing a mountain:

    Or maybe going for a morning run:

    Or learning to play an instrument: 

    Pick an image that fits your goals — something you want to get started and stay consistent with for 2023.

  • Use one of your own photos as a “before” picture. This works great if you’ve been planning on starting, for example, a regular exercise routine. The “after” picture will be worth it.

  • Switch up one of your photos with online tools like Designify and Canva — to literally see yourself hitting a goal! For example, you could use Designify to replace the background of one of your photos with a sandy beach to visualize your upcoming vacation. We think using a photo of yourself is the best option: if you can see yourself succeeding in hitting your goals, you’ll be much more likely to keep working at them. 

Found a bunch of photos you want to get started with? Let’s hop on over to Designify and get editing.

Create cool photos for your New Year’s vision board — with Designify

Visualize yourself sipping a piña colada on a sunny beach somewhere — maybe like this?

Here’s how you can whip up an image of yourself hitting that goal with Designify: 

1. Drag and drop (or upload) your photo to the Designify website. 

2. Pick one of Designify’s background options. For this image, we used a gorgeous Tropical Mood background.

3. Hit > Download once you’re happy with your new image to save your new photo as a PNG file on your device. 

4. Make your new photo your phone screensaver or your desktop background! This way, you’ll feel encouraged every time you check your device and send good vibes toward the future you who’s reached your goals.

Combining two of your photos with Designify

What if you’ve got that perfect background image and want to combine it with one of your photos? Say like this:

Well, no worries — Designify’s got you covered: 

1. Drag and drop (or upload) your photo to Designify.

2. Designify removes your image background by default. But we want to combine two photos, right? So this time, we recommend picking the > Transparent BG background. 

3. Click > Edit.

4. Select > Elements from the right-hand side and then > Add Image to upload your background photo from your device. (Or you could just drag and drop it directly).

5. Click the background photo and then hit > Send backward to make it your new background. You can resize it to fit your image better. 

6. If you want to change the size of your original photo, click > Elements and then select it to resize so that it doesn’t take up the entire image.

7. Once you’re happy with your new photo, select > Download on the right-hand side to save your new image.

8. Set your new vision board photo as your device background or screensaver to stay motivated every day in 2023.

Creating a vision board collage with Designify

Got a ton of goals you want to hit in 2023 and found the perfect photos to match them? A vision board collage is a great way to combine photos that fit your goals — like starting a journaling habit, getting regular exercise, or spending more time with your family. 

You could whip up one up with Designify super quick, like this:

If you’ve got your own photos that you’d rather use, go for it. But if not, you could always use stock photos instead to get you inspired. Maybe in a few months, you’ll be replacing some of them with photos of you hitting your goals! 

Here’s how you can combine your photos to create a collage with Designify: 

1. Start with one image and drag and drop (or upload) to Designify. Hit > Edit like earlier.

2. Click on > Elements and then > Add Image to add new photos to the canvas. Or you can just drag and drop them directly from your device. Then, click on them to resize and shift them around.

3. Once you’re happy with your new vision board collage, hit > Download.

A vision board collage makes for a gorgeous device background — imagine seeing your goals every day! It’s a great way to stay motivated and visualize yourself reaching them. 

If visuals inspire you, you might also find yourself motivated by words. So let’s hop on over to Canva to explore how to add text to your New Year’s vision board.

Adding an inspirational message to your New Year’s vision board — with Canva

A motivational message, quote, or even a positive affirmation helps encourage us when we hear it — but also when we read it and repeat it to ourselves. It also helps make your vision for 2023 more concrete. Even something simple like this:

We originally whipped up this vision board image with Designify and added some text and elements with Canva. Here’s how you can, too, in just a few steps: 

1. From the Canva website, select > Create a design in the top right corner. We’d recommend picking > Facebook post (Landscape). 

2. From the left-hand side, hit > Uploads to add your Designify vision board image or collage from your device.

3. Click > Text to add a message to your image.

4. Once you’re happy with your new image, select > Share in the top right corner and then > Download.

5. Hit > Download again. We recommend saving your new vision board as a PNG file. 

6. Turn your new image into your desktop or smartphone background to keep yourself motivated all year round.

You could also use Canva's Vision Board Maker and its library of customizable templates to whip up your New Year’s vision board. With a few steps and clicks, you can replace its images with your own and add some text to keep yourself motivated.

Turn your dreams into reality this 2023 — with an online New Year’s vision board

There’s nothing like setting yourself up for success than visualizing yourself hitting your goals. Here’s a quick recap of how to whip up a New Year’s vision board online:

  • If you’ve got a photo of yourself you want to use, you can add a gorgeous background to it with Designify and one of its ready-made options.

  • If you want to edit a photo of yourself with a new background, you can combine the two with Designify or even combine a bunch of photos into a collage.

  • Add an inspiring message or quote to your New Year’s vision board image with Canva

Ready to jumpstart your 2023 adventure and visualize those goals? Hop on over to Designify and let’s get started.

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