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Aug 01, 2019

New Editor Design

Editing images just got simpler: With the new design update of the editor, editing images is easier than ever before. 

What’s new?

Easier to use: The new menu, an improved layout and screens that are optimized for mobile and desktop view help you pick the right tools faster.

Image Previews: When you pick a new background image or color, preview images help you compare and decide what looks best before you make your choice.

Pinch to zoom on mobile: Getting all the details right is tricky – even more so when you’re on the go, on a smartphone. You can now zoom the image with the two finger gesture to get a closer look.

Touch offsets on mobile: When erasing or restoring pixels on touch devices, your finger always gets in the way between your eyes and the very spot you need to see? Make use of the offset setting and you will have clear sight every time, all the time.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.
Happy editing!

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