Product Updates

Mar 01, 2019

Editor Improvements

We have added new features to the image editor, making it easier than ever to create stunning images once the original photo background has been removed. You can now:
  • Quickly pick a new background from Unsplashs collection of beautiful & free photos
  • Add a blur effect to the background image for a more realistic and professional composition
  • Add a white background in seconds. Or any other color, if you like.
  • Change the size of the eraser brush.

Want to share your thoughts or feedback? Let us know.

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clipping path center 2022年02月17日
Thanks for sharing these professional technique's. For more information
This article got my mind.
Prince 2021年12月30日
Meri ki m mere dosto ko remove karna h
Ranjan 2021年10月01日
Mera photo edit krna
Subham 2023年05月20日
Edit a photo pleaseh
Rajan srivastava 2021年07月29日
हमारा फोटो का बैग्राउंड एडिट करना है
सोनू 2021年07月30日
मेरा फोटो बैग्राउंड एडिट करना है
Abhay Kumar Maurya 2021年09月11日
Mark 2021年07月09日
My one complaint is after editing, when you download the result it's the "preview" size, not the full size I had uploaded. Yes, I'm a paying customer.
Viktoria 官方 2021年07月13日
Hi Mark! If you would like to make sure that you download the High-Resolution version of the image, make sure to click on the small arrow next to the "Edit" button first and select "High-Resolution". If you click on "Edit" only, it will allow you to edit and download the preview image.
I hope this helps!
Affifa 2021年04月21日
How can we take our choice bg
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