Figma Plugin

Figma Remove Background Plugin

by Aaron iker
Install via Figma


Integrate with Figma to automatically have your image backgrounds removed anytime you create website wireframes, design mobile app interfaces, prototype designs, create social media posts, and more.

Get started

  1. Sign up to and create a Kaleido account.

  2. Go to your dashboard and copy your API key. (API keys let you connect other software to

  3. Install the Figma plugin from the Figma Community.

  4. In Figma, right-click the canvas and select Plugins → Remove BG → Set API Key. Paste your API key.

  5. To remove a background, select an image on the canvas, right-click and select Plugins → Remove BG → Run.

    Tip: To remove backgrounds even faster, select an image, hit CMD+P, and type "remove bg". Select the command, and hit enter.

Created by
Aaron iker
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Disclaimer: This software or service is provided by a third party. We can’t guarantee that it works, and are not responsible for any damage caused by it. Please use it at your own risk. - Remove Background from Image 100% Free! | Product Hunt
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当社の向上に支援しませんか? (任意で)

  • 画像の使用許可を与えると、remove.bgの向上に役立つことができます。
  • 人工知能に教える。
  • 今後は類似画像のより精度いい仕上がることができます。