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Remove Backgrounds Automatically

Content-aware image processing finally made simple: You no longer have to become an expert in Visual Computing and Artifical Intelligence to develop and maintain a completely different technology stack for something as seemingly simple as removing the background from an image.

It's now one line of code - for any image.

Endless Possibilities

Getting rid of backgrounds 100% automatically opens a whole new world of possibilities:

  • Integrate user generated content with your design
  • Generate high-quality content for social media and SEO, 100% automatically
  • Create unprecedented AR/VR experiences
  • Build mind-blowing image editing interfaces
  • Make Ecommerce product customization easier than ever before
  • What else can you imagine?

Easy to Integrate

The API is an HTTP-based interface with various options, but it all boils down to: You upload an image and get back the same image without a background. That's it.

Cloud-hosted: Scalable & Reliable

Whether you process 50 images per month or 10,000 in an hour: Our fully managed service lets you focus on building apps, not worring about scalability or infrastructure.

Libraries for many languages

Get started with our official and community-based API wrappers and libraries for many programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python or Go.

No library available for your language available yet? Use a generic-purpose HTTP library of your choice - it's simple.

The first 50 API calls per month are free, always.

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