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Enterprise Features

Less Manual Work, More Automation

Seamless API Integration
1.Seamless API Integration

Keep all work in one place by integrating’s robust API into your organization’s workflow in less than 24 hours.

Flexible Rate Limits
2.Flexible Rate Limits

Our standard rate limit of processing 500 images/minute can be increased to fit your organization’s needs.

Enterprise Dashboard
3.Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise Dashboard offers a detailed overview of your account, including credit usage rates, so that you can track your spending and plan for the future.

Unlimited Team Usage & Bulk Processing
4.Unlimited Team Usage & Bulk Processing

Get unlimited access to for your team and bulk-process images from any corner of the world.

Overdraft Protection
5.Overdraft Protection

Enterprise plans start at 100.000 credits per year. Once you exceed the number of credits in your contract, you’ll only pay for what you use

SLA and Support
6.SLA and Support

We sign a Service Level Agreement to ensure the highest standards of support and service for your team.

Enterprise-Grade Security You Can Count On

Enterprise-Grade Security You Can Count On

Our security and privacy programs are designed to protect your organization’s work data from anywhere. We are 100% GDPR compliant, meaning that we are committed to maintaining a highly secure and reliable environment that you can trust.

With a 99% uptime guarantee, our software will remove image backgrounds without a hiccup.

Explore to Its Full Potential

Learn how you can make the most of

 Priority Quality Training

Priority Quality Training

We train our AI to learn and pick up new patterns that ensure's performance is refined at all times, and our clients are happy with their processed images.

In case you did not achieve the desired outcome, we offer priority quality training. Together with our customer success manager, we will devise a plan based on your use case and tailor it to your needs.

Personalized Customer Support

Receive priority support, customized onboarding plans, and a dedicated customer success manager who will accompany you every step of the way.

Personalized Customer Support
Michal Džujka Customer Success Manager

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Let's Talk! logo is the first product in the Kaleido family and the industry-leading solution for background removal. Here at Kaleido, we aim to make AI accessible to everyone, from individuals to businesses of all sizes. We use the power of artificial intelligence to help our customers unleash their creativity while enabling them to work more efficiently. Learn more

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