Product Updates

Jun 19, 2019

Cats, Animals and more

Ever since exists we have been faced with the inevitable question "But does it support cats?" which we regretfully had no other choice but to deny. And as everyone knows, denying cats on the Internet is a no-go, some even say it's a sin.

Today, we raise ours heads in dignity and are proud to present one of the most requested features ever: Cats.

But wait – there’s more: You can now also remove the backgrounds from dogs! And birds, snakes, frogs, penguins. „What about alpacas“ you ask? Yes, they work too! In fact, now supports all animals. Give it a try!

And why stop there? Plants and flowers are living things as well, just as animals. And what would we do in our everyday life without food, furniture, bicycles? And what about airplanes? They’re cool stuff too, no?

You can now use to remove the background from any photo with a somewhat clear distinction between foreground and background, no matter what that foreground is.

We look forward to your feedback!
Shoot us an email or upload any failed images here.

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Reel 4. Mai 2021
Indra 15. September 2021
Please select an image with a clear distinction between foreground and background. For instance, try a photo of a person, product, animal, car or another object.
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